Wichita’s #1 Kids Birthday Party & Outdoor Adventure

.50 cal Low Impact Paintball Great for kids 8+


Have a birthday coming up? Come to The Edge Paintball Adventures to celebrate! Paintball is a great way to have a fantastic time that will be spoken about for years. We are THE experts at hosting paintball birthday parties!   We offer the best party in town.

How It Works:

  • Get your group of kids together 8+ for the group rate of $15 per person (Savings of $10 per player)
  • All Birthday Parties in .50 cal Play together ( 8+ years of age)
  • All Birthday Parties in .68 cal Play together (10+ years of age)
  • All Birthday Parties get a 3 hour Session (Winter Sessions Saturday & Sunday 10-1 & 1-4)
  • Reservations are Easy. Call our offices between 10:00-7:00 p.m. all we need is a date + time slot + number of players + email and a $5 deposit per player
  • Waivers are all digital the link is on our home page.
  • Invitation template can also be emailed as well

IT’S THAT EASY!!! Call Now 316-773-0537

What Does it Cost?

  • $15 Per Player Weekend Rate with a Reservation.
  • + the cost of additional paintballs (Field Paintballs only due to environmental reasons NO EXCEPTIONS!)
    • Weekday Play =Pre-Paid Admission of $300- Covers first 15 players additional players are $20 per person

Extra Paintballs & Paint Grenades

  • Pod -O-Paint 140 rds + Pod to carry them  $7.50

  • 500 Field Paintballs Tourney Quality $18.50

  • 1000 Field Paintballs Tourney Quality $37.25

  • 2000 Field Paintballs Tourney Quality $55-$65 *Depending on Brands in stock

  • Please Remember all Paintballs used must be from The Edge with current color. If you have old paintballs purchased at the field that are not current colors please see a manager to ok use. Players caught using non field paintballs will be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued. It is very important to us to use our Special fill Paintball that is Biodegradable and easy to clean.


$7.50 EACH              OR           3 FOR $20


Here is what is Included with our Paintball Rental Packages:

  • Full face mask and goggle system
  • Chest Protection Vest if needed
  • All New .50 cal Low Impact Paintball
  • Tippmann 98 or Bt-4 Slice Paintball Marker
  • Compressed Air/CO2 Tank + all the fills you need
  • 100 paintballs per player
  • 3 hour Session (Plenty of time for cake and gifts)


If you are in need of additional information or to book your outing, please call our offices at:


Prices subject to change without notice.