Wichita’s #1 Kids Birthday Party & Outdoor Adventure



Have a birthday coming up? Come to The Edge Paintball Adventures to celebrate! Paintball is a great way to have a fantastic time that will be spoken about for years. We are THE experts at hosting paintball birthday parties!   We offer the best party in town.

How It Works:

  1. Get your group of kids together (8 or more for group play, 15 or more for private games @ $15 per person)
  2. Figure out a date
  3. Call up our offices 316-773-0537
  4. Reserve with a $5 per player deposit
  5. Come out and have some fun


What Does it Cost?

  • $15 Per Player
  • + the cost of additional paintballs
  • Price on Paintballs Vary but if you stop by National Pro Shop Paintball Supply you can get field paint as low as $45 per case of 2000
  • Paint at the field
  • $5 per 100
  • $15-$20 Per 500 depending on brands in stock
  • $55-$65 per 2000 depending on brands in stock
  • National Pro Shop & The Edge Paintball Adventures are both owned by Matt Shook long time player & field/store owner.
  • Looking for a Birthday Gift stop By National Pro Shop Paintball Supply 2360 N Maize.
  • All Gun Purchases Include 12 Month Pass to The Edge & Lifetime Warranty plus many items $10-$20 for a great Birthday Gift.

What Do I Get?

  • Full face mask and goggle system
  • Chest Protection Vest
  • Tippmann 98 or Bt-4 Slice Paintball Marker
  • Compressed Air/CO2 Tank + all the fills you need
  • 100 paintballs per player
  • Chest protectors (available upon request)
  • Ammo Belts (allows you to carry additional paint onto the field, available upon request)


If you are in need of additional information or to book your outing, please call our offices at: