Assassin’s Alley


Assassin’s Alley is exactly how it sounds. It’s generally a good idea to stay off the beaten path on this field as there are sure to be enemy snipers tucked in the brush around you.



Game Style #1: Double Flag

  • Players Start at east & West Starting Stations they try to capture the opposing teams Flag and return it to their base.
  • Single life only 10 minute game
  • After 1st game switch sides play again
  • Play 2 games & announce that in Parking Lot great starter game


Game Style #2: Center Flag at Command Post

  • Players are to start at east & west starting stations. When the whistle blows it is all out to capture center command post and raise your flag. The first team to hold the Command Post for five minutes wins
  • Time Limit 15 Minutes
  • Multiple re-spawn allowed


Game Style #3: Capture the Rocket

  • Players are start on the road equal distance from the rocket or (Flag) placed in the center of the road. Objective is to capture Rocket and hold it until the end of the game
  • Time limit 15 minute
  • Single game only
  • Double life allowed no more than that
  • Players to start on road starting stations


Game Style #4: Sniper Hunt

  • There should be 1 sniper for every 6 players. Snipers get 2 lives however they must stay at least behind the 50 yard line of Assassins Alley
  • Time Limit to take out Snipers 10 minutes
  • Single game Only
  • Snipers get to pick the side of the field they wish to start on
  • Sniper Hunters Have to start in starting stations
  • Snipers recycle at other starting station


Game Style #5: Prison Break

  • There should be 1 prisoner for every 6 players. Prisoners are to wear our Blaze Orange shirt provided by the field.
  • Time Limit 10 minutes
  • Single life for all parties