Firebase Bravo

The flagship field of The Edge Paintball Adventures, this one is sure to please featuring a massive bunker built up with sandbags in the middle of the woods, with a large lookout tower overlooking the whole field. Good luck getting the guys out of the tower (Hint: paint grenades do wonders for this task), this challenge is one that many look forward to every week.



Game Style #1: Battle Stations, Attack and Defend

  • Objective is to have teams with equal number of players. One team starts out in the woods the other team starts behind the north wall with upto 3 players in the tower with a reff. Once they can see an opposing player and the reff can verify the players on the North Wall can come into the base to man the battle stations
  • Time Limit 15 Minutes
  • Double Life
  • Single Game


Game Style #2: Dual Attack

  • Objective is to capture and hold Center Command Post for 2 minutes.
  • Game Max time limit 10 minutes
  • Equal Players on Each Team
  • Both Teams Start in the Woods on Southern Tape Line
  • Single Life Elimination


Game Style #3: Downed Pilot

  • Objective Players that start inside Bravo have to go into the woods to find their downed Pilot and rescue him from enemy forces (Downed Pilot is a Dummy or a Flag NOT A REAL PLAYER) Rescue team starts inside base walls and may only have a ratio of 1 to 3 meaning 1 rescue personnel outside the fort wall for every three defenders.
  • The Enemy Team with Pilot is in the woods with no re-spawn.
  • Game Time Limit 15 Minutes
  • Equal Teams
  • Bravo has a 3 to 1 ratio on rescue OPS
  • Bravo Team has Double Re-spawn on Defenders Only (Rescue Ops No Re-Spawn)
  • Enemy Team has no re-spawn


Game Style #4: Prison Break

  • There should be 1 prisoner for every 6 players. Prisoners are to wear our Blaze Orange shirt provided by the field.
  • Prisoners get a 30 second Head Start into the woods
  • Time Limit 10 minutes
  • Single life for all parties