Savage Village


Savage Village is shear mayhem. This smaller field is ideal for fast paced games with lots of ways to sneak behind the enemy and “Shoot the Bad Guys”. It is super intense and action packed, a real pleaser for the speedball fans and woodsball player alike.



Game Style #1: Prison Break

  • There should be 1 prisoner for every 6 players
  • Prisoners are to wear our Blaze Orange shirt provided by the field
  • Time Limit 10 minutes
  • Single life for all parties
  • Play 2 Games


Game Style #2: Capture the Rocket

  • Players are start on the road equal distance from the rocket or (Flag) placed in the center of the road
  • Objective is to capture Rocket and hold it until the end of the game
  • Time limit 15 minute
  • Single game only
  • Double Re-Spawn
  • Players to start on North & South starting stations


Game Style #3: Flag Games

  • Center Flag: Flag is place in the center of the field and players from both teams try to capture it and hang it on the opposing teams station
  • Double Flag Objective is to sneak around and capture the opposing teams Flag and return it to your Flag station for the win
  • Triple Flag: There are three Flags Spread across the center of the field you want to capture all three and have them in your team’s possession. Flags must be carried in plane site and must be surrendered when carrier is shot. To Surrender a flag you must hang it in 5 feet off the ground in a visible location with in 10 feet of where you were eliminated
  • Time Limit is 15 minutes on any Flag game
  • Re-Spawn is Only Allowed on Triple Flag