Fort Apache

If you can conquer this Fort you will go down in history as a great paintball warrior. It takes skill, determination, and stealth. Make it through the four lookouts and you’re almost there, all that’s left is to breech the walls…




Game Style #1: Attack of the Apache

  • Attacking players get an extra player for every 3 defenders. I.e. if there are 9 defenders there should be 12 attackers. Objective elimination
  • Game Time Limit 10 minutes
  • Single life only
  • Switch around style do 2 games
  • Apache can start anywhere on the boundary lines


Game Style #2: Hostage

  • There should be 1 Hostage inside the fort ( DO not use a real player a flag will work ). For every hostage taker ( Players in-side the fort) there should be 6 swat team members. Objective is to eliminate the gunmen inside the fort without shooting hostage and not allowing them to break out and escape.
  • Hostage Takers Objective: Either shoot all swat players or escape to the road. If you make it to the road alive then you can fight from anywhere.
  • Swat Teams Objective: Save the hostage & “Shoot the Bad Guys” do not let them escape. Players can start anywhere on Apache except right on the walls of Apache. If you shoot the Hostage you loose the game.
  • Game Time Limit 15 minutes
  • Single Life
  • 1 to 6 odds


Game Style #3: Capture the Fort Dual Attack

* Please note this is for Advanced Players only

  • Start opposing teams at an even distance from the fort
  • Hold Center Flag for 2 minutes
  • Unlimited Re-spawn from the road
  • Game Time Limit 15 minutes
  • Equal Teams


Game Style #4: Capture the forts Dual Attack

  • Equal teams start equal distance from the fort
  • If they start on the east side their color of flags need to be on all west side forts
  • There Should be 4 Flags for each team to capture


Game Style #5: Center Flag

  • The big Fort outside Apache hung opposite to the side you start on
  • Flags on All four outer buildings 2 of one color on each opposite side of starting station