The Town of Sleepy Hollow


A quiet little village tucked back in the woods…

That is, until mayhem erupts on this exciting field. Battle it out in the small village of Sleepy Hollow in a variety of games sure to keep you in action and having fun.



Game Style # 1: Sak Sleepy Hallow

  • Objective is for one team to take out the defenders of Sleepy Hallow.
  • Game Time 15 Minutes
  • Single Life Only
  • 1 to 3 Ratio meaning 1 defender for every 3 attackers ( Defenders must be Advanced Players)
  • Play 2 games switch it up a little


Game Style #2: Capture the Rocket

  • Players are start on the road equal distance from the rocket or (Flag) placed in the center of the road
  • Objective is to capture Rocket and hold it until the end of the game
  • Time limit 15 minute
  • Single game only
  • Double life allowed no more than that
  • Players to start at North and South Starting Stations


Game Style #3: Prison Break

  • There should be 1 prisoner for every 6 players
  • Prisoners are to wear our Blaze Orange shirt provided by the field
  • Time Limit 10 minutes
  • Single life for all parties
  • Play 2 Games with different Prisoners


Game #4: Predator Vs. Aliens

  • Objective is to eliminate your opponent in their Specific areas
  • Game Time Limit ( Last Game OF Day 30 Minutes or until 1 side wins)
  • Equal number of players on Both Teams
  • Aliens Objective is to survive the Predators Attack (Start in the woods) you are eliminated with any Torso Shot
  • Predators Start in the buildings and are eliminated by gun or Goggle hits
  • Play just 1 game