Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Can Play?

Anyone over the age of 10 who wants to have a great time can play!

Is it Safe?

Like many sports, safe participation in paintball requires observance of proper safety procedures and a little common sense. When played on a commercial field with trained staff to enforce safety rules, paintball is extremely safe. According to a study conducted by American Sports Data, Inc. you are more likely to be injured playing basketball or baseball than you are playing paintball.

Does it Hurt?

Honestly, sometimes it can. It depends on a lot of factors, where the ball hits, what kind of clothes you’re wearing, how far the shot traveled, temperature, etc. Sometimes, people don’t even feel that they’ve been hit, while most of the time they feel a quick sting and forget that they were hit a few seconds later. Occasionally a paintball will leave a welt or bruise for a few days with some tenderness. Dressing in layers and wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants will greatly help reduce any pain you might feel.

Will it Stain my Clothes?

We require that all players use paintballs purchased at our field our pro-shop (National Pro Shop). These paintballs are water-based (as opposed to the oil-based ones you’ll find at Wal-Mart or online retailers). Our paintballs are designed to be washable and bio-degradable. There are other hazards though such as grass stains, so we do recommend not playing in anything you don’t mind getting dirty, and washing your clothes immediately after playing.

We don't have any equipment, can we still play?

Yes! We offer rental packages to players who need equipment and can accommodate up to 200 rental players at one time. For more information on rental prices, please be sure to read our pricing page

We have our own equipment, can we bring it?

Yes! We allow people to use their own equipment during walk-on and private play as long as it abides by our safety rules (semi-automatic mode only, maximum of 12 balls per second, chronographed at 285 FPS, tank with up-to-date hydro testing). In addition to a marker, all players must have a barrel plug or sleeve along with a face mask designed for paintball. If you have questions about equipment you want to bring, please call us at (316) 773-0537.

Can we bring our own paint?

For safety reasons, we only allow paintballs purchased at our field or pro shop to be used. 

How many games will I play?

If you are playing for a full day, 10 games minimum. 6 games for a half-day. 

How Long Do Games Last?

It depends on the type of game played, number of players and the field on which you are playing. On average games last 15 minutes. We also give breaks in between games and a 30-minute lunch break.