Safety Rules

  1. All Players must check-in prior to unpacking their equipment. Please follow this rule as it is for the safety of our customers and spectators
  2. All Players must have a barrel blocking device attached to their barrel while in the staging area.
  3. Players who need to swab their barrels must first remove them from the paintball marker.
  4. If you lose your barrel blocking device please unscrew your barrel before entering the staging area. If you are a rental player please ask for a referees assistance.
  5. Players who get three warnings about not having a barrel blocking device will be asked to turn in their gear or vacate the premises, whichever is deemed more necessary by the staff.
  9. All personal equipment must be up to current safety standards, so please, no makeshift objects or traps, and be sure CO2 and compressed air tanks are within their hydro static testing dates. If there are questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us ahead of time at 316-773-0537.
  10. All players must wear Paintball ASTM Approved goggles with a facemask and ear pieces in their original form as produced by the manufacturer.
  11. All players must wear their goggles anytime they leave the staging area to enter a playing field or chronograph station. Goggles may not be removed on the playing fields for any reason. If your goggles come off please yell “GOGGLES OFF!” and the referee will stop the game.
  12.  All players must be divided into equal caliber and experience of players. Level 1 (experienced/expert) and Level 2 (low experience/ beginner).
  13. Teams within the two levels are to be divided equally.
  14. All players are to have an arm band prior to the start of each game.
  15. All games at The Edge are started and stopped with a whistle. After a game has started and your hear a whistle from a referee on your field stop shooting immediately as there might have been an accident and someone might be hurt.
  16. All games vary in time and format so please hurry up when the referee announces the next game. On average the turn around should only be 7 minutes once all players have reached the staging area. Remember you might want to bring extra paint on the field as a lot of times we play two to three games while deployed.
  17. A quarter size mark anywhere on the body or equipment is considered a hit and that player is eliminated.
  18. Eliminated players will be asked to go to a neutral zone.
  19. Dead Players are allowed only to yell that they are out, and nothing else.
  20. Dead Players are not allowed to give away other players’ positions.
  21. If you feel a hit check it for paint. If you put your hand on the hit and come back with paint you are out. Players caught cheating will be asked to leave our course. CHEATERS, WIPERS AND UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT IS NOT ALLOWED AT THE EDGE PAINTBALL ADVENTURES.
  22. During game play, if a player is within 15-20 feet and has the advantage on opposing players, he/she is to ask “WALK or DIE”, regardless of whether or not it gives up the position/stealth advantage. Players who choose not to get shot at that close of range should raise their hands and yell “WALKING!”. Players who choose the die option do not have to say anything, and they can take their chance at getting hit at close range.
  23. All paintball markers used during Open and Group Play must be in Semi-Automatic firing mode, capped at 10.5 Balls Per Second.  This means one shot per trigger pull. All other modes are illegal for use in Open and Group Play.
  24. Scheduled Team Practices can use ramp 10.5 Balls Per Second and Air Powered RT triggers. Please bring your marker’s manuals if you are needing help to set Rate of Fire.
  25. Speed Limit: 285 Feet Per Second. There will be 2 Chronograph Checks Per Session, minimum, to check velocity of markers. Players caught shooting  over 285 Feet Per Second will have to sit a game.